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Heat Transfer
T-Shirt Printing

We’ve been using Heat Transfer graphic printing to produce small run orders for years. Heat Transfer graphic printing is a little like screen printing, except without all the chemicals and potential screen degradation that comes with many printings. 

What we love about Heat Transfer graphic printing is it lets us create small- to medium-sized orders using a wider range of potential fabrics. 

FAQs for Heat Transfer

When it comes to heat transfer printing we do have a minimum of 10 items. At 10 items it can cause the per price of the garment to be more affordable. We generally limit order sizes to no more than 300 items. We’ve found that’s the point at which most of our customers want to avoid dealing with larger companies and it’s the point at which larger companies generally set their minimums. Our aim is to help folks who want their custom designs on stuff but don’t want a huge inventory to get it. 

One of the benefits of using Heat Transfer graphic printing is that we can choose a wider variety of fibers to print on. We generally prefer to work with items that are at least 50 percent cotton, but the type of cotton is pretty flexible. That range gives us a wider playing field to choose the best components for building your order. 

One of the beautiful aspects of Heat Transfer graphic printing technology is that we can print on a variety of items, including all types of clothing, totes and bags, hankies, scarves, and even hats. 

Every job is unique, just like every one of your designs is unique. That makes it hard to give a standard answer on how long a job will take to complete. But, with that in mind, we aim to complete every job as quickly as possible. Heat Transfer is fast for small- to medium-sized orders. We will give you a good idea of how long your specific job will take when we give you a quote. 

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