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About Our Custom Shops for selling your Merch

Have you ever dreamed of setting up your own shop online so other people can buy your designs on the shirts, hoodies, tees, and other items they want?

Would it just be soooo much easier if you could set up a simple shop your employees or team mates could use to order the custom designs they need for your organization in the sizes that work for them? 

Have you ever thought it’d be fun to set up an online shop where you could have all the people involved in your event buy matching clothing to commemorate your time together? 

You can! 

Even better: It doesn’t have to cost you a small fortune to set it up! 

We can help you set up a shop that fits your specific needs. We do temporary, short-term, and long-term shops. We can include any of the items we produce in the sizes, shapes, and colors you choose. When we create our quote for you, we’ll include the items, designs, and terms you want to meet your needs. All you have to do is say yes to taking your custom designs to the next level. 

FAQs for a Custom Shop

When you’re planning an event or selling a product within a limited timeframe, a short-term online shop makes perfect sense. We call these pre-sales shops or pop-up shops, and Yes, we can build one for you. 

When you call us for a quote, we’ll ask a few questions about the details of your event. We’ll help you set good deadlines for each step of the process. You can choose to distribute the items you’ve sold through our shop personally or we can set up a shipping system so you don’t need to worry about it. We’ll work with you through the process to help you and your customers get your custom designs in perfect time for your event. 

Our Pro-shops are long-term online shops anyone can use to sell custom designs to their associates. You don’t have to be a business or a sporting-related group to set one up.

We use the Pro-shop technology to help small- to medium-sized companies simplify the ordering process for their people. We can set up a Pro-shop for your group using your custom designs on the sizes, types, and colors of clothing you want.

When you call for a quote, we’ll talk with you about both your immediate needs and your projected longer-term expectations. With Pro-shops, you can have a lot of flexibility in the items you sell and the delivery options you choose. We’ll help you find the best solution for your needs today and tomorrow. 

We offer two options for shipping through our online shops. 

Local pickup is available. This saves you money on shipping and gives you the opprtunity to thank your customers personally. We’ll produce the order, pack it, and let you know it’s ready. You’ll stop by our office in Eugene, Oregon to pick it up, then you distribute the items to each of your customers. Well help make that part easy by packing individual orders and labeling them separately if that’s the way you’d like to go. Or, you can pick and pack each individual order yourself if that makes more sense for your situation. 

Shipping within the USA is available. If you choose this option, the cost of shipping will be added at the time of sale for each item ordered or you can set the prices to include shipping (which is how free shipping works for most online stores). Regardless of which option you choose, we’ll handle the packing and shipping of items to each of your customers. 

Our shops accept credit and debit card sales only. We’ll handle all the processing fees and manage the payments for you. You do not need to sign up for credit card processing and won’t have additional fees tacked onto orders for credit card or debit card processing. Our system handles Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. 

All our shops work on a commission model. That means we handle all the financial transactions including the cost of goods sold as well as all sales tax, shipping fees if appropriate, and credit card processing fees.

You’ll get a percentage of the net or profits after that, which we’ll pay out to you once items have been delivered. The exact timing for payment will depend on the type of shop you choose and the details of your sales. When we create a quote for you, we’ll make sure you know how it’ll work and what to expect every step of the way, including when to expect your commission or payment.

We can help you set up an online shop to sell your designs and artwork on tees, hoodies, pants, totes…pretty much any fabric item you can print with a Direct-to-Garment printer or using Heat Transfer.

Just like with our Pro-shops, we’ll work with you to create a shop that makes sense for your designs and your audience. We can handle the shipping for you or we can print and pack the orders and let you do the distribution.

We can also create a custom code that allows you to order small runs of specific designs for yourself at a discount so you can use your own shop to order for events or in-person sales to customers. 

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