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Custom Tees, Hoodies, caps and Direct-to Film in Eugene, Oregon.

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The Big Guys are all about huge profits. They demand large minimum orders that cost a mint…and they don’t take the time to treat each item with real care. We say, “That’s Just Wrong!”

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Direct to Film

Why Choose Us.

No Minimums

Order 250 shirts or just 1, and we'll make sure each item you've ordered is honestly priced and quality guaranteed.

Fast Turn-around

Don't like waiting? Neither do we, but we like printing and we love giving. That's why we work extra hard to get your order out the door and in your hands.

Handled with care

You order, we print. Each and every shirt you purchase from us is hand-printed and treated with the love, care, and respect that both you and it deserve.

We've got a Plan for you

The power is in your hands

When you’re ready to make your custom designs a reality, we’ll be ready to launch into action. You can have exactly what you want at an affordable price. All you gotta do is call.

Make a list of the items that’ll suit your needs (no pun intended!). Include quantities, sizes, colors, and styles.

Sketch or create your design, too. Is it a logo for your tshirt pocket? Custom printed artwork on the front or back or both on a hoodie? Would you like printing in one color? Two? Full-color? Photographic printing? 

Send us an email or call or use our Contact form to reach out. We’ll set time to talk with you about your ideas. 

After we talk with you about your job, let us take time to put a quote together for you. We’ll use the list you made before we met plus all the details we discussed with you to find the best package for your purposes. When we create a quote, we tap all our resources to find the best deals on all the pieces needed to create your custom designs. We use that research to put together a price quote and potential schedule so you’ve a clear picture of what to expect. 

We won’t begin working on your order until you’ve confirmed beyond any doubt that you’re in. We’ll send you a pay now link with the quote. When you say yes, you’ll use that link to pay. That’s our clear confirmation that your Designs are ready to become Reality.

As soon as you place your order, we’ll get to work. Your quote will show you a rough timeline for when to expect your order to be completed. While you wait, you can give yourself a treat for having handed the hard part off to us and kick back knowing we’ll deliver asap. 

Windows, Signs, Cars...

Take Your custom design to the next level

Our Services

Custom Printing steps out of the closet

You know we do custom printing for apparel, like shirts and hoodies. Did you know we can also help you set up a custom shop so your family, friends, teammates, workers, or other customers can order them? Or that we can help you put your designs on windows, doors, or even your car? 

Direct To Garment & Direct to Film

We can print one or more tees, hoodies, or other fabric items with high quality, high resolution inks. Our Direct-to-Garment printer has the capacity to create photographic-level imagery with amazing detail.

Custom Window Vinyl

Custom designs for your office are NOT out of reach. We can print and install the design you want on windows, doors, or even on walls as corporate design work. Who says only large companies can have it all?

Vinyl Graphics for Cars

We'll help you design the best vinyl for your car, truck, van, or company vehicles. You can settle for one of those cheap tiny car magnets, but why not go for the full potential that comes with a truly professional-level custom design?

Your Very own custom Shop

Imagine an online shop where your customers can order your designs on the apparel they want - including friends, family, team mates or anyone in the whole world. You can have it!

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