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About Direct To Film Heat transfers

Do you have a heat press or a Cricut heat press? Do you have an idea for full-color graphic that you want to put on a t-shirt or hoodie? We can print that graphic for you on release film. We can make just one or fifty.

Our process allows us to use super high-quality inks and release film to create amazing finished designs…all at an affordable price and ready for you to decorate your stuff.

FAQs for DTF

One of the best parts of Direct-to-Film printing is we can print all the colors at no additional cost. The way it works is a little like an inkjet printer; we can print the full spectrum of colors because the printer uses a CMYK ink system to print your designs. It really doesn’t matter if you want to use one color, two colors….or a hundred colors. The cost is the same no matter how complicated your color palate. 

We’ve printed designs ranging from bold and brash all the way to almost spiderweb-fine. Direct-to-Film allows us to create precise, fine, and well-defined lines and fields of color. That gives you an almost unlimited range of potential we know you’ll love.

Every job is unique, just like every one of your designs is unique. That makes it hard to give a standard answer on how long a job will take to complete. But, with that in mind, we aim to complete every job as quickly as possible. Direct-to-film printing is fast in our shop. We can offer same-day service on small orders. We will give you a good idea of how long your specific job will take when you order. 

One of the terrific aspects of using Direct-to-Film Release printing we can print just one item or we can print many items easily and at the same per-item cost. We have no minimum order requirement thanks to the power DTF printing. 

Direct-to-Film Printing Instructions

Our release film is a cold-peel release film so the first pressing gets it on the shirt and the second is to lock it in and melt away any residual powder that may be visible. For best results use 100% Cotton or a majority cotton cotton-poly blend. If the piece of clothing is 100% polyester or a combination of synthetic fibers, you may need to lower the temperature to 290° and increase the dwell time to 30-35 seconds to prevent or reduce any scorching of the piece of clothing. You know your machine so adjust it for the best performance based on your own experience working with different fibers, 290° at 35 seconds is what works best for our machine (Stahls Hotronix Fusion iQ) when printing 100% synthetic fiber clothing.


  1. Turn the press on and set to 300°F and firm pressure (~80PSI).
  2. Press your garment for about 7 secs to flatten fibers and remove moisture
  3. Place your DTF Film on your garment, press for 25 sec.
  4. Remove your garment from the press do not remove the film.
  5. Let the film cool down. (Cold-Peel Release)
  6. Remove the film. 
    Note: If the ink does not stick repress it for 10 sec.
  7. Return your item back to the press and cover it with a parchment paper or teflon sheet.
  8. Press the artwork again for 5 secs to finish the curing process.
  9. Enjoy.

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