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Senior Master Russ Duer, a martial arts and self-defense expert has over 30 years of experience in training people around the country. He is a passionate instructor who will inspire you to learn in a fun environment. He teaches many different methods of self-defense that he has learned and trained from other experts like Sigung Bobby Stroup and Grand Master Robert Suttles. He is not afraid to incorporate many disciplines to create a step-by-step program in which each move builds to another. Making the most complicated moves easy to perform.

You never know how you will react in a real defense situation and he makes sure you have an A Plan, B Plan and even a C Plan.
Never Be a Victim.


How to Order

We make it easy for you to get your Seminar Tee Shirts for your students.

  1. Click on one of the products in the store.
  2. Choose the Bulk Order Form Button
  3. Add your quantities of each size
  4. Click add to Cart
  5. Then choose other shirts you would like
  6. Then Go to Checkout and you are set.
  • We order as needed and typically do not keep a large inventory of shirts on hand.
  • We will need at least 10-14 Days to Turnaround the Shirts and ship them to you. Please plan accordingly.

Senior Master Duer will autograph each of the shirts before or after the Seminar so your students will have a commemorative tee that they can wear while at the seminar and training in the future.

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